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Anonymous asked: Enjoy your sleep, people in israel are living in fear 24/7. At the sound of a siren, they have 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter, even in the middle of the night. Israel cares about its civilians to alert them when in range of a rocket, that may come in the dead of night. Hamas doesn't care. They just want Israel dead. So when you go to sleep, imagine at 3am sirens go off. You have 15 seconds to get to your basement or a bomb shelter. Good night. Talk tomorrow. Shalom.



Are you fucking kidding me

Why don’t you imagine living in fear 24/7? Why don’t you imagine not having an app on your smartphone that tells you when to go to a shelter? Why don’t you imagine NOT EVEN HAVING A SIREN TO WARN YOU. IMAGINE A WARNING BOMB EXPLODING ON THE ROOF OF YOUR HOUSE AT 3AM, YOU GET HIT BY A FALLING PIECE OF YOUR ROOF, YOU ALMOST PASS OUT. YOU HAVE ONLY FEW SECONDS TO GET OUT, BUT WHERE WOULD YOU GO? THERE’S NOWHERE YOU CAN GO. In that moment you realise, you’re going to die. You’re going to die and there’s no one to save you or your family; no army, no one can save you. 

So don’t you fucking dare use this argument on me. Don’t you dare act like Israeli are living in fear when Palestinians only has home-made rockets that barely dent the pavement to defend themselves with. 


This brave young American Jew in his travels to Israel decides to make a stand at a Jewish Festival.

Young American Jew Stands up for Palestine. You Won’t Believe what Happens Next
Soooo, people are deleting me off of Facebook because I'm Pro-Palestine. →


I’m SO sorry that I support Palestine. I can’t believe that I don’t support Israel because it’s absolutely wonderful that they’re bombing innocent children and destroying hospitals in Gaza.
"I feel bad for those who know nothing but what they see and read from the media. If I knew…
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